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Professional Mold Remediation

Professional Mold Remediation

Full Mold Removal Services

Pursuit Restoration offers Mold Damage Restoration services in the greater Treasure Valley. Pursuit Restoration has full bacteria removal services.

Mold can occur for a number of different reasons, correcting your mold problem is crucial. Pursuit Restoration’s mold specialist team assesses the damage to determine the best treatment for your bacteria damage.

How to Tell if you Have Mold

Mold can not only cause damage to your home, but also to your health. Mold is known to cause adverse reactions to people, especially elderly or the youth, as they have respiratory systems that are weak or developing. The presence of Mold growth is sometimes easily detectable, other times it is best to have an Industrial Hygienist determine bacteria growth. Here are a few signs that there may be mold in your home.
The most obvious way to know there’s mold in your home is of course to see it. It can be black, green, yellow, gray, brown, or white. It can appear slimy, fuzzy, granular, or even leathery. Often, it’s found in areas where moisture occurs, such as in a basement, bathroom, or kitchen, but it can occur anywhere, despite being unwelcome everywhere.
Not all types of mold have a smell, but most do. Often mold has a strong musty or earthy smell that doesn’t go away easily. Even if you don’t see a visible sign of mold, it could be coming from behind or within the walls, or underneath the carpet.
If your property had a recent water incident or disaster your home may be at risk for mold growth. It’s also important to take note of any areas on the outside of your home that may appear wet and don’t seem to dry up. This might be an indicator of areas were excess water build up could cause Mold growth to occur.
Apart from pet allergies, many people experience seasonal allergies due to environmental changes. Millions of people suffer from allergies every year, and these symptoms are unpleasant. However, if you’re experiencing these symptoms and they seem to diminish whenever you leave your house, this could be a potential sign of a problem inside the home, and this is usually mold. (Again, this isn’t including pet dander.) Even if you don’t see or smell the mold, it may be worth it to get your home inspected. If neither mold nor seasonal allergies is the issue, it might be wise to visit your doctor.

Some molds also produce toxins (mycotoxins) as part of their defense mechanisms. What is important to know in dealing with remediation of mold is that it remains allergenic and toxigenic even in a non-viable state. Therefore, it is not enough to kill mold by, for example, applying a biocide like bleach; the mold and the materials on which it is growing need to be removed from the indoor environment. Such removal work must be contained, like asbestos removal, to minimize contamination of other parts of the building. Considering the cost and disruption of such remediation activities, it is easy to see that the best policy is preventing mold in the first place by control of moisture.

Mold Removal

We offer full service bacteria remediation using Air Filter Devices to eliminate cross contamination form occurring. All our technicians are trained through IICRC for Applied Microbial Remediation Technician classes. This ensures the proper protocols to be followed. We use the S-520 for Bacteria Remediation.

Our technicians will use the proper PPE while setting up the plastic containment and sealing off any areas that could be exposed prior to beginning remediation. Then once the containment is built the use of AFD’s will be added to create a negative pressure on the chamber. (This causes the air inside the chamber to be vacuumed into the AFD, dispersing cleaner/fresher air.) Then any building materials or belongings will be cleaned by HEPA vacuuming (high efficiency particulate air) the surfaces and sanitized, before banging for disposal or further evaluation. Once the structure is revealed then HEPA vacuuming any residual spores can be performed by final HEPA vacuum. 

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