What to Expect During a Water Loss - Pursuit Restoration

What to Expect During a Water Loss

If you’ve had a pipe break or flooding in your home or business, water damage restoration service may be required. Here’s what to expect from the process.

From the moment you discover water damage, the quicker the issue is addressed the faster the property can be back to normal. Your first step should be to prevent further damage by turning off the main water supply or the nearest shut off to the source. Next, call Pursuit Restoration, your trusted Restoration company. The sooner professionals are onsite the sooner you can rest assured the job will dried quickly, with the PR Quality Service approach!

Call the Professionals at Pursuit Restoration First!!

It’s crucial that you call Pursuit Restoration FIRST before calling your insurance company. We will work directly with all homeowner’s insurance companies to resolve your issues. We ask that you call us first for MULTIPLE reasons including but not limited to; unnecessary claims on record, understanding your policy to determine the MOST value for your claim, and Worst-case scenario being dropped coverage.

The Remediation Process Begins

Our professional team will quickly assess the damages from top to bottom, including the attic, living space, and crawlspace to determine the fastest approach to drying the structure of the property. 

Pursuit Restoration will then quickly extract any and all water. This is the KEY to drying the structure in the quickest way possible.  It doesn’t matter how much water is extracted, what matters is HOW MUCH WATER IS LEFT AFTER EXTRACTION. This is why the step is the KEY to drying the structure. 

We will set the Newest state of the art drying equipment, and daily monitor until the job is dry. At that point the equipment can be removed, and you will receive Our 2 Year Warranty. 

Finally, and the most important step. We will get your house put back to gather in a timely manner with the utmost quality in every aspect of the rebuilding process. 

Keeping you Informed

Throughout the process from the very beginning to the end You will be kept informed. Pursuit Restoration knows that this is typically a stressful and undesirable situation to deal with. Knowing it is so stressful, we will keep you informed and answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions, please contact us at 208-515-6503