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Winter is HERE!!

Idaho Winter is HERE!! Are You Ready?

As the temperature has dropped Pursuit Restoration hopes you have been able to Winterize your property!

  • Sprinklers should be blown out before the ground freezes
  • Foundation vents should be closed to prevent cold winds blowing through
  • Hoses should be removed from exterior of homes/property to prevent freezing
  • Gutters should be cleaned out and free of debri (this allows proper drainage of moisture)

These are just a few tasks that can be done to prevent water damage or mold damage to your property.

As most of you know Idaho had an amazing, yet devasting year of snow just a few years prior. Still close enough in history to keep winter in Treasure Valleys attention. 

Be courteous and make sure your sidewalk, driveway is shoveled and ice free. 

One of the beautiful things about the Treasure Valley and Idaho is the many holiday spirit events throughout the season!

Feel free to check out any of the links above for fun activities to do in the Treasure Valley! Now if you love winter outdoor activities there are many to choose from!

The list goes on as to what makes Idaho a great place to live! 

Pursuit Restoration is 24/7 Emergency Service Provider

Water Damage is a real thing. Although we suggest to prepare your home for winter and to periodically check for areas that could cause water intrusion’s. Even with the best prevention water damage can still happen at the most unexpected time! 

If you suspect roof damage, drywall damage, discoloration of building materials, feel free to contact us for a FREE inspection for your peace of MIND!

Don’t let coming home from a family trip or a day coming home from the mountain be ruined by property damage! Call Pursuit Restoration at 208-515-6503 for instant access to Idaho’s Premier IICRC Master Water/Fire Restoration company. 

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Celebrating 1 Year

One Year in Rewind

Pursuit Restoration has accomplished EVERY GOAL that was set out prior to starting. We have a shop with a full service EMS vehicle, utility trailers, dump trailers, and enough equipment to handle any size loss! 

We also specialize in Fire restoration and have the top of the line equipment to get your property back to new. We are Idaho’s Premier IICRC Master Fire and Master Water restoration companies. This prestigious position gives Pursuit restoration the advantage in properly restoring all properties back to new condition quickly. 

Property Management Company's Praise

Pursuit Restoration's way of saying Thank You!

  • Senior Giveaway (4 lucky Seniors were presented with induvial gift baskets.)
  • Shore Lodge Giveaway (Winners-Jack and Audrey Kingsley)
  • Sponsored Vehicle Wrap (Jeff Upshaw BMX Pro/Olympian Team)
  • Halloween Costume Giveaway

We will be doing regular giveaways and opportunities to participant. Feel free to follow our FB page to follow our future giveaways. 

Merry Christmas

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Halloween Contest 2021

Pursuit Restoration’s Halloween Contest How to Submit? Fill out the entry form below for your chance to win! We are giving out prizes for each

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Welcome to the Pursuit Restoration Family We are looking to add outstanding employees to our team! Pursuit Restoration is steadily growing which means plenty of

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Halloween Costume Contest

Pursuit Restoration's Halloween Contest

How to Submit?

Fill out the entry form below for your chance to win! We are giving out prizes for each different age group below in the entry form. We will post all the entries on our Facebook page on October 24th for voting. The deadline for entry is October 22nd.

How to Win?

Voting is done by getting people to LIKE your photo on Pursuit Restoration’s Facebook page and at the end of the week the photo with the most votes for each category. The winners will be announce on Saturday, October 31st. 

Name of legal guardian
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Upload your entry above (If not working in your mobile browser please upload in normal browser viewing mode)


Newborn to 4 years old- Basket of goodies & $50 Gift card ( $75 Value)

5 years thru 12 years old-  Bicycle ($75 Value)

13 years thru 17 years old- $75 Gift card to  Playstore/ Appstore

18 years and above- $100 gift card

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Master IICRC Water, Fire, Smoke Restorer

Treasure Valley's Most Trusted Master Water Restorer & Master Fire, Smoke Restorer

We are pleased to announce Anthony (Tony) Pearce is “Treasure Valley’s Most Trusted Master Water Restorer and Master Fire & Smoke Restorer!”

With the highest quality knowledge and standards Tony has been able to exceed expectations in his tenure in the Restoration industry. Now running Pursuit Restoration, Tony provides the best customer experience and knowledge you can find throughout Idaho! 

Tony currently holds IICRC certifications in Applied Structural Drying, Carpet Cleaning, Fire and Smoke Restoration, Odor Control, Carpet Repair and Re Installation, Upholstery and Fabric, Water Damage Restoration, Applied Microbial Remediation, Master Water, and Mater Fire, Smoke Restorer. As well as LEAD and OSHA-10 certifications.

Follow the link to see Tony’s Master IICRC Certification’s

Follow the link to see Tony’s IICRC Certifications.

With years of experience, Pursuit Restoration is exceeding customers exceptions and WOW’ing the Insurance industry. We can be onsite within an hour for emergency related issues and handle the mess for you! We will walk you through the entire process answering questions you may not even have thought of! 


Check out Pursuit Restorations Blog for the most up to date information to protect your home and valuables.  Follow our Facebook and Social Media pages for our many fun Giveaways!

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Home Safety Tips Against Intruders

How to Protect Our Assets from Intruders

The thought of a home intrusion or burglary is something that is everyone’s worst nightmare. Our homes are not built to be completely intruder-proof. The good news is you can take action to minimize the chances that your home will be attacked. Check out some home security tips below.

  • Look for weaknesses around your home- Inspect the outside of your home for anything that could make it vulnerable to burglars. For example, ensure that screens are secured, windows don’t easily pry open, or left open. While you’re outside, look through your windows to check if your valuables, such as electronics or jewelry can be easily spotted. By moving them out of view this  could deter thieves from entering your home.
  • Trim shrubs and trees in your yard- Burglars can use untrimmed shrubs around your house to cover and hide. Trees and bushes can be used to gain access to the second level as well. Robbers could use long tree branches to break into your home. Thus, keep your shrubs and vegetation trimmed ­– under two feet in height and at least two feet away from the house. 
  • Install a fence- Intruders rarely want to jump over fences while carrying stolen goods. If you don’t have a fence already, build one to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Choose a style like an open chain-link or ornamental metal fencing that’s secured into concrete. If solid fences are installed it may be easier to climb and may offer thieves a place to hide.
  • Use curtains or blinds on windows- Keeping your goods inside is a good idea, but you also need to ensure they can’t be seen from the outside. Put up curtains or blinds in your home, in your garage, and in front of basement windows for privacy and protection.
  • Keep windows, doors, and gates locked- Never leave your garage door open even if you’re at home!! Invest in a quality padlock for your outside entrances. On the outside fences install latches with locks on top and bottom. This will ensure the fence wont be able to pry open. To reinforce your doors, install deadbolts in addition to locks on the door handle itself. Don’t leave your home without locking the windows and doors, even if it’s a short trip.
  • Have large numbers for your house- Install large and reflective numbers on both your house and mailbox. This helps police easily identify your home in case of an emergency. Crooks prefer homes that are hard to identify as it can buy them time to run. 
  • Secure valuables in a safe- A good safe not only keeps your valuables safe from theft, it also keeps them safe from flooding, fire or other disasters. If you have a small safe or lock-box, consider bolting it to the floor to prevent thieves from taking it. Also, keep your safe in an area of your home that’s hard to access.
  • Install a home security system-  In today’s market home security systems are not only affordable but very easy to use! Home security system can be customized with tons of features. From the basic doorbell wireless camera, to the intricate full home security system with door and window sensors and 12+ camera systems. In addition to the security system, install sensor lighting outside your home. This can help deter thieves as it gives light to the area occupied. 
  • Get a dog- A large breed such as a German Shepherd is the ultimate security system. They provide advanced warning of thieves and can be reliable during power outages. Thieves hate noisy and protective dogs. (Please train your dogs to respect your local ordinances. We Love all animals!) 
  • Befriend your neighbors- It helps a huge deal to know that your neighbors are on the lookout for suspicious activity around your home. You should do the same for them! Get to know your neighbors so you can tip each other off in case a thief sneaks into your neighborhood.

By putting these tips into practice, you’ll hopefully discourage unwanted intruders from entering into your home. The fewer weaknesses your home has, the less likely it is to get robbed.

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Exterior Water Damage

Tips to Prevent Water Damage to Exterior of Home

Water can enter your home in many ways and end up damaging the foundation. To fight back against water intrusion, take preventative measures both on your home’s interior and exterior.

Here are essential tips to safeguard your home’s exterior from water damage or mold occurring. 


  • Check your roof to ensure the shingle’s, flashing’s or tile’s aren’t missing, broken, cracked, curled or damaged in any other ways.
  • Make sure the vents, flues, chimneys, air conditioners, and evaporative coolers are properly installed and in good shape.
  • Check for leaks around rooftop air-conditioning units, vents for exhaust or plumbing, or other specialized equipment.
  • Cut tree limbs that hang above your roof, so they don’t cling to shingles and trap moisture. Leaves or twigs can also clog your gutters.

Pursuit Restoration is continuously working with Treasure Valleys roofing contractors and can refer a company at request.

Gutters and Downspouts

  • Ensure these are clean, free from debris, and in good condition so that water can flow freely.
  • Install metal screens to prevent leaves, twigs, silt and other debris from clogging the gutters and drainage holes.
  • Ensure downspouts direct water at least five feet away from your home’s foundation. Install downspout extensions if needed. (Follow video link… Attaching Gutter Extensions

Pursuit Restoration is continuously working with Treasure Valleys Gutter contractors and can refer a company at request. 

Doors and Windows

  • Check for leaks near the corners of your doors and windows. Signs of leaks include peeling paint, paint discoloration or swollen frame.
  • Protect exterior doors and windows from the sun, rain, and snow by installing overhangs above them.
  • Close your doors and windows to check for a tight fit. Look for cracks between the sash and frame of your windows.
  • Repair or replace damaged flashing or weather-stripping around windows.

Pursuit Restoration is continuously working with Treasure Valleys Window contractors and can refer a company at request. 


  • Check and repair cracked or broken siding boards, bricks, stone or other masonry, as well as structural sheathing.
  • Seal any openings from wiring, plumbing, phone, cable, and heating and air conditioning lines with foam or caulk. Repair any damaged or unpainted wood surrounding these openings.
  • Check for signs of termite activity on the walls and the wooden structures around your foundation. Termites can eat wood, plaster, and even metal siding.
  • Ensure that the exhaust vent doors properly open and close.  
  • Remove any shrubs and other landscaping features from along the walls.
  • When irrigating the garden, avoid directing water towards the house to prevent excessive water near the foundation.
  • Foundation vents should be free of debris and properly working to be opened and closed throughout the temperature changes. (Follow video… Open/Close Foundation Vents.)

Pursuit Restoration is continuously working with Treasure Valleys Siding, Framing, or Any other contracting services and can refer a company at request. 

Keeping your home free from water damage is critical.  If your home has suffered damages Pursuit Restoration provides a Free Inspection for your comfort and knowledge. 

For professional water damage repair or mold removal service, contact Pursuit Restoration at 208-515-6503.

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Senior 2020 Send Off

Water Damage Services
Pursuit Restoration has expertise to quickly remove all the water from your property and promptly dry the structure. The most important factor in a quick and efficient drying process is the rapid and FULL removal of water. Our certified and experienced professionals understand the stress of each water damage. Pursuit will help alleviate the stress by handling the entire process from start to finish whether covered by insurance or out of pocket.
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Fire And Smoke Services
After a house fire, homeowners are in shock, and they are at their most vulnerable stage of recovery. Take the time to research your Fire and Smoke Damage restoration company. The restoration process often can take 6 months or longer. We understand that choosing a company to work with for that time can be a long and tedious process. Pursuit Restoration does the restoration process with a proven and, a guarantee of satisfaction. Most importantly, we care about your family, your home, and doing the job right through communication the entire process.
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Mold Services
Pursuit Restoration offers mold damage restoration services in the greater Treasure Valley. Pursuit Restoration has full mold removal services.Mold can not only cause damage to your home, but also to your health. Mold is known to cause adverse reactions to people, especially elderly or the youth, as they have respiratory systems that are weak or developing.
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Congratulate Your 2020 Senior!

Pursuit Restoration would like to Congratulate all the SENIORS graduating in the TREASURE VALLEY this year! We will be treating TWO FOUR seniors to their own Graduation Gift baskets customized to their preferences and a $150 Visa gift card! 

(Due to the overwhelming support from the community we have changed the guidelines to include more schools. We also have increased from TWO to FOUR Seniors.)

We will be picking the random winners on 06/05/2020. They will be announced on Pursuit Restoration’s Facebook page. (Adding Pursuit Restoration as a Facebook friend and following allows tagging of winner. Not required but will help recognize the seniors.)

Parent or Legal Guardians Name
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

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Don't Wait for Water Damage to Happen to You

Water damage always happens when we least expect it! That is why it is so IMPORTANT to identify water damage before it causes significant damage to the property. Water damage can happen for a variety of reasons. 

We are now offering individual inspections for your PEACE of mind, as well as annual inspections for the COMFORT of knowing you are protected!

Inspections include moisture testing of all areas that have water supplies and inspection of attics and crawlspaces. Infrared cameras can be used to assist in showing existing water damage. This is a non invasive inspection which will help identify moisture issues before they become LARGE water losses or worse mold damage! Photo reports can be provided at customers request. 

Each inspection includes Moisture testing of all water supply areas including but not limited to; bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, utility room, etc. As well as the attic and crawlspace. These inspections are to help identify and prevent water damage or mold damage from occurring.
$ 0.00
Please provide any details in the box above.
Hidden Mold Behind Furniture
Undetected Leak in the Wall

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Save Your Hardwood Floors

How to Restore Hardwood Floors After Water Damage

As in all water-related property damage, TIME is of the essence. Floors are at a greater risk for permanent water damage and mold growth if you don’t take care of water or moisture immediately. Hardwood flooring will absorb moisture quickly due to its density. Besides rapid response time, successful hardwood floor water damage repair depends on the type of flooring, wood, and finish, method of installation, amount of moisture, and replacement value.

For hardwood floor water damage restoration, consider hiring a professional disaster restoration company. They have the necessary knowledge and expertise and use specialized equipment for efficient drying. The specialized drying equipment is crucial in making sure floors are dried in time and to the correct moisture levels. However, if you want to repair hardwood floor water damage yourself, check out the tips below.

How to Repair Hardwood Floors

  • Wear protective gear such as gloves, rubber boots, and a mask.
  • Stop the flow of water!
  • Turn off the power to the affected room until the water has been removed.
  • Assess the damages before you begin the restoration to determine whether to clean up or replace the floor. Take photos, list damaged items, and show them to your insurance company.
  • Remove any items (carpet, furniture, etc.) from the floor and take them to a dry area.
  • Open windows and doors to allow moisture to evaporate more quickly.
  • Start removing the excess water with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or with mops. Anything to remove water is ideal. If the water level is deep, use a sump pump to drain the water. Asking someone to help you can finish the task faster and avoid further damage.
  • Use dehumidifiers, heaters, and fans to speed up the drying process. Place them evenly spaced out in the flooded area. Direct the fans towards the floor’s surface or wet areas.
  • Clean any debris from the floor with a non-abrasive brush and detergent while the heaters, fans, and dehumidifiers are running. Rinse the floor with clean water and continue to dry the floor.
  • Using a sanitizer to eliminate any bacteria growth is recommended. 

When dealing with a flooded hardwood floor, YOU must act quickly to save your floor from permanent damage and mold growth. Contact a professional flood remediation company, such as Pursuit Restoration, that can quickly mitigate the damage and implement the best course of action. Also, this could help learn how to avoid hardwood flooring water damage in the future.

What Type of Flooring is Installed?

Inspection is always crucial when starting to repair any hardwood floor that has water damage. Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of species, such as oak, pine, maple, and cherry. More and more exotic species are being used in flooring. Every type can expect different challenges in the drying process because of the varying levels of moisture absorption.

There are also varieties of flooring that look like wood but are not. These floors will sometimes have a laminate on the surface and a particle board substructure. When moisture gets beneath these floors, drying is nearly impossible. The inability to dry these surfaces is due to moisture being trapped under the laminate, which acts as a vapor barrier. For more help, call Pursuit Restoration to help you evaluate your flooring’s type and condition.

Professionals will also assess the initial installation method of the hardwood flooring. Original installation may be nailed, glued or installed in a floating method.

  • When nailed floors have suffered from water damage, the nails may lift.
  • If the floor has been glued onto the substrate, the moisture may release the glue.
  • In the case of a floating type floor, it may not be true wood and may be a laminated product. Tongue and groove hardwood flooring may “cup” after absorbing moisture.

Patience in Drying Hardwood Floors

Once the technicians have determined the wood floor type and installation method, drying can begin. Using surface and/or subsurface drying methods and proper dehumidification, technicians can force airflow beneath the surface of the floor (in a positive or negative manner) to remove this moisture. It may also be necessary to access the floor from below for faster drying. Specialized equipment using drying mats can be placed to pull moisture from the ends of the hardwood floors. Hardwood typically has flutes that allow water or air flow to move in a parallel direction with the hardwood.

Effective drying of a hardwood floor is a slow process. It will sometimes take 7 to 10 days for the floor to release enough water to complete the forced drying process. Removing all the absorbed water from the floor can be costly, but very inexpensive compared to replacement. 

The hardwood drying continues until the wood’s moisture levels reach the floor’s dry standard. At this point, nature will acclimate the floors to the atmospheric conditions they are installed in. Education in this process is key for a successful job. Let the restoration professionals at Pursuit Restoration help you dry your hardwood floor properly.

Repairing the Finish

Once the hardwood floor is dry, there may still be damage to the floor finish. Finishes, such as waxes and polyurethane, may inhibit the evaporation of the absorbed moisture. They will sometimes have to be removed in the drying process to allow for moisture removal.

If the hardwood floor cups slightly, the finish may check and crack due to the movement of the wood product. This is a normal part of the drying process. Once the floor is completely dry, the floor can be refinished once it has acclimated. The acclimation process can take up to a few months. 

Hardwood floor drying is a specialty. Our restoration professionals have the knowledge to properly evaluate the many types of floors and have specialized equipment to repair hardwood floor water damage.

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Spring Giveaway

Fill out the entry form below for your chance to win a $150 Visa Gift Card. One entrant will be randomly picked. 

The winner will be announced on our Facebook page on 04/11/2020 at 10:00 a.m. MST. 

Phone number is required to contact the Winner.
All feedback is welcomed but required to be elegible for the Gift Card.
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Please enter your address in order to receive a gift card if you are the lucky winner.

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